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So here’s what diet may help you with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • OCD
  • behavioural issues
  • learning problems
  • ADHD
  • energy levels
  • environmental sensitivities
  • your children’s health

So here’s how we use diet to help your health:

  1. Initial Virtual Appointment– 60 minutes
  • Prior to your appointment you complete the online Health Form
  • Your current health and goals are reviewed during your appointment
  • We discuss your diet and assess your nutrient levels
  • Initial dietary recommendations are made
  • Initial Nutritional Supplement recommendations are provided (additional cost)
  • Recommendations for blood tests may be made if necessary

If you’ve already had recent blood tests, then that’s great, just send a copy of them through prior to your first appointment.

  1. Follow-up Virtual Appointment  (45 minutes) 3 – 4 weeks later with:
  • A review of your health issues
  • Further dietary recommendations may be made, as necessary
  • Lifestyle recommendations, as required.
  1. Subsequent Appointments : as needed
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Some lovely feedback:

From Marisa in Brisbane
“When I first saw Bev, my body was in dire need of help, due to long term battles with anxiety, insomnia, heartburn, acid reflux and constipation. It wasn’t until I ended up in hospital with gastritis and peptic ulcers that I realised I needed help. Bev was friendly, welcoming and professional during our consults, and has a wealth of knowledge too. After a thorough assessment, she advised me on changes I needed to make to improve my overall health. With this holistic approach, I can confidently say that since I made these changes, I fall and stay asleep easily, I have more energy, and more importantly I am symptom free. Everything in my body is working again like it’s supposed to, without the help of any medications. Both my family and I have benefited greatly through these changes”.