Sweet Dehydration

Love pineapple but can’t be doing with the luscious mess?  Or need an apple a day without the crunch?  Then I highly recommend a dehydrator.  Meet my new best friend!

Maybe you struggle with your 5 serves of veggies and 2 of fruit a day.  Well, eating dehydrated foods is a great way to keep on top of your daily needs.

Reaping the most out of your home-grown garden  harvest by dehydrating surplus fruits and veg.  Once dehydrated and provided that they are stored correctly, foods will last much longer than their fresh counterparts.

When you run out of fresh foods, you can quickly rehydrate many veggies to add to soups or other meals too.

Great for making friendly snacks for lunchboxes.  Yep, friendly!  No drips, no cores or pips to dispose of and no worrying about fruit spoiling before you’ve had chance to eat it in the warmer weather.

Fantastic too for fussy little kids and big kids!  They will love the diversity of stuff that you can make.

You don’t need a fancy cookbook that you will hardly use and no need to trawl the net looking for recipes to get you started, just a few basic tips and away you go.

The only downside for me is that because the sugar becomes concentrated, it’s sometimes hard to limit myself to these tasty goodies!