Not just a humble cabbage

You’re probably aware that if you’ve had antibiotics that you should follow through with a course of probiotics, but did you know that the humble cabbage can be a source of potent probiotics?  You’ll get far more strains and total numbers of good bacteria by eating a tablespoon of good, old sauerkraut or kimchi than swallowing a couple of probiotic capsules.

Best of all, these foods are cheap to make and can be adapted to suit your taste buds.  Fancy a bit of spice?  That’s ok, just throw in some chilli and garlic!  Love purple or red cabbage?  Great, just use instead of the traditional white cabbage.  And you don’t need any fancy tools or jars.  Just some organic produce and good quality sea-salt.

Here’s a really quick, straightforward recipe to get you started:

– 1 head of organic cabbage, cored and finely shredded

– 1 tbsp of sea salt

– 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar or an extra tbsp of salt

Simply combine all ingredients, really massaging the salt and vinegar into the cabbage.  What you’re trying to do is to release the juices from the cabbage. Place batches into a large jar and press down in-between handfuls, so that any liquid rises to the top. Leave a bit of room at the top of the jar and cover securely. Open the lid daily to allow the ferment to “burp”!  Keep at room temperature for 3 – 6 days before transferring to the fridge.

Use as a condiment with each meal and see your digestion improve.