Why bother to detox?

You know when you struggle to squeeze into your favorite pants? Or you turn into a mad-woman as your hormones take over each month? Or when your best friends are called Sugar, Caffeine and/or Alcohol?

Well, what a detox does is it gets rid of the tangible toxins stored in your body fat and any toxic emotions/thoughts, leaving you feeling ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

That’s not all! Other health issues which could benefit from a detox include:
• Irregular or painful periods
• Menopausal issues
• Lethargy and sluggishness
• Recurrent headaches or migraines
• Infertility
• Sensitivity to chemicals, cleaning products or odours etc
• Allergies and food intolerances
• Digestive disorders
• Chronic fatigue
• Depression, anxiety or mood swings
• Skin complaints such as eczema or acne

So what exactly are toxins?
Toxins come in all shapes, sizes and disguises! Many are made in your body so you don’t even realize that they are there, whilst others are in your environment. In simple terms, toxins hinder the functioning of your body and when they build-up they can lead to a deterioration in your health and disease. It’s reported that you are exposed to more chemicals in your home than outdoors!

So where do toxins come from?
Some of the major sources of toxins are:
• physical and emotional stress
• impaired digestion
• hormonal imbalance
• junk food plus many shop-bought chips, cookies, pies and cakes etc
• artificial food additives, colours and preservatives
• fruit and veg sprayed with pesticides:
  60% of herbicides, 90% of fungicides and 30% of insecticides are known to be carcinogenic and yet pesticide residues have been       detected in over 50% of foods in the US according to the Environmental Protection Agency. 
• animals and farmed fish fed growth hormones and antibiotics
• plastic containers used to store foods in often contain phthalates,
• nicotine, alcohol and caffeine, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs
• the countless chemicals in the cosmetic/toiletry products you put on our bodies and those in household cleaning products and air-fresheners
• the furnishings and other materials in your home and car and chemicals in your garden
• occupational exposure, daily exposure from traffic fumes, chemicals sprayed on nearby farms, and pollution from local commercial industries
Wow – what a mass of toxins that your body has to deal with day in and day out!

How long does a detox last?
Well, it’s a really individual thing. If you’re in pretty good shape with no major health issues, then a 2-week detox might be all that you need to give your body a great boost. However, if you suffer from a chronic illness or have had significant toxic exposure, then you might need at least a 4-6 week program. If you are struggling with fat loss, bearing in mind that many toxins are fat-soluble and thereby stored in your body fat, you might want to consider some ongoing nutritional detoxification support after you’ve completed your initial detox program.

What should I expect?
Before the boundless energy kicks in, you might get the odd headache during the first couple of days, particularly if you’re use to drinking lots of caffeinated-drinks. Depending on your level of toxicity, you may experience other effects such as looser stools, a few rumblings in your digestive system or increased flatulence but these will pass within a few days.

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