Your Child’s Health

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Does your child struggle at school with friendships or learning? Do they suffer from anxiety or depression? Perhaps they complain of mysterious stomach aches for which you can find no cause.

Dietary choices and nutrient deficiencies might be contributing to their issues.

We assess their food and nutrient intake to advise you on what may be impacting their health and what you can do to help bring out the best in them.

To improve their overall well-being, healing foods such as chicken or bone broths added to hearty soups and casseroles can work wonders as well as including lots of antioxidant-rich foods in their diet.  Broccoli, capsicums and kiwi fruits are all great sources of vitamin C whilst berries and coloured veggies are high in antioxidants.

It’s worth cutting back on sugar, not just in the obvious lollies, cakes and cookies but also soft drinks, fruit juice and dried fruits.  You can read more about sugar in my blog here.  Artificial additives are another “ingredient” in a lot of everyday foods that should be limited too.

Some specific children’s health issues that we can help with are:

Want to know how we can help your child? Please call Bev on 0484 314 163 for an obligation-free chat.

Some lovely feedback

From Sam in Brisbane

“Our 4 yr old son has always suffered with eczema and after visiting Bev at Avana W&N we discovered he was intolerant to dairy. Following a nutrition plan and treatment his skin is clear and itch free! Added bonus Bev is a lovely person and my son and I felt very much at ease. Would recommend her services to anyone in a heartbeat.”