Like most people you’re probably acing at personal hygiene and keeping your distance from others in an effort to ward off the current bugs. You have a positive mindset, you show gratitude for all that you have, you find time to exercise regularly and you sleep like a baby. Last week I wrote about eating a nutritious diet so hopefully you’re on to that too!

Unfortunately, for many people all of the above is not enough. But what more can you do?

As a nutritionist I know that even though we are all doing the best we can, many diets still fall short of having decent nutrient levels due to the impacts of mass production and intensive farming practices. And now more than ever it is really important to make sure we have good levels of micro-nutrients to help bolster our immunity to the various bugs that are floating about.

So, I thought I’d share with you the 5 key nutrients that I currently supplement with every day.

  • Vitamin C: this has been researched for decades as helping your body fight the common cold and the influenza.  As humans can’t make this vitamin it’s essential to eat a diet rich in veggies and fruit. Right now, to help boost my immune system I’m taking a supplement throughout the day as I simply can’t get enough through my diet.
  • Zinc: if you love oysters then go for it!  If like me you can’t stand the look never mind the feel and taste of them, then supplementation is an option.  This mineral is used in over 500 enzymatic reactions in your body, from digestion to growth and repair, in addition to being a valuable player in your immune status.
  • Vitamin A: as a kid I was given cod liver oil daily and absolutely hated it. We ate liver and bacon every Saturday, very reluctantly! How my late parents would giggle if they could see me now as I happily swallow cod liver oil as part of my daily regime.
  • Vitamin D: whilst I try to get out for about 10 minutes every day in the sun and I live in sunny Queensland, I still have relatively low levels of Vitamin D. So, because of its critical role in immunity which is supported by research, I supplement daily with a vitamin D3 spray.
  • Magnesium: this mineral is super-important for your nervous system.  I reckon many people might be feeling a little bit more anxious or unsettled regarding this pandemic; for me magnesium helps take the edge of my ramped up worry-wart tendencies and improves my sleep.

There are other things that I take on as needed basis, depending on what I am eating.  For example if I’m eating lots of kimchi or sauerkraut as well as prebiotic foods, I don’t tend to worry about probiotics.  Or if I’m feeling a bit out-of-sorts I might take a potent multi.

Everyone’s needs are different, so if you’d like to find out how supplements may help you, talk to your local health shop or health practitioner.

Alternatively, contact me on 0484 314 163 or send me an email – and we can arrange a 20-minute zoom session for just $39.

Stay well!