10 ways to enjoy warming Winter Seasonal Foods

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Here's 10 ways you can add seasonal, fresh produce to your diet, especially if like me, you need nourishing warm foods: - Carrot and Coriander soup - Slow-roasted Kale chips - Spinach frittata - Roasted beetroots and garlic - Savoury Steamed Cauliflower - Spicy Leek and Celeriac soup - Swede and Parsnip bake - Apple and Rhubarb Crumble - Lemon delicious - Orange and Almond Cake Mmm...enjoy!

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The Dirty Dozen!

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The dirty dozen According to research conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), "the dirty dozen" are those fruits and veg found to have the highest residues of pesticides out of 48 different items.  These are the ones that I'd strongly recommend either buying organic or even better, growing your [...]

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Top Fruits and Veggies in Season

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Top Fruits and Veggies With winter rapidly approaching in the southern hemisphere, now's the time to start thinking about the top fruits and veggies that are abundant in this coming season.  I reckon that buying local, seasonal fresh produce has got to be a better option for you, the farmer and the [...]

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